Day 2 – April 25th

HAB had an extremely productive day at Augusta Lake and was able to complete the entire alum application in one day!  Working through a cool afternoon rain, we applied over 31,000 gallons of alum and buffer to the 35 acre application zone.  HAB’s equipment delivered the precise dose that was required for the Augusta Lake restoration project.  Any gaps in coverage could have resulted in phosphorus from untreated lakebed sediments to leach into the overlying water column and stimulate future algal blooms.  Our onboard computer system ensured that the application was complete and uniform by integrating the location of the barge with GPS, the barge speed, water depth and alum flow rates.  The exact dose was programed into the software and inline flow sensors measured the flow of alum through the distribution lines in real time.  Automated values, which were controlled by the computer, opened and closed as needed to adjust for barge speed and location to make certain the prescribed dose is applied.  Tadd Barrow (HAB’s application specialist) followed a grid and each application path was recorded and displayed on the guidance monitor to prevent gaps in the application.  HAB will produce a coverage map to the client showing every application path and confirm the complete coverage of the lake.